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Mono Bite - HPHT Diamond Tools

 KOHER's excellent mono diamond tools will get you the best surface finish. Various industries with mirror face finishing job requires different types of mono diamond cutting tools. You do not need further grinding or polishing after turning and milling with our KOHER tools.

  • Single Crystal diamond tools for mirror facing

  • Grooving & Chamfering tools

  • Special order made design for machining Mobile parts; phone case, button & lens

Available Application Area

 - Automotive parts: Motor, Projection lights, Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Night driving optical device

 - Electronic appliances: Mobile phone, External and internal hard disk

 - Medical devices: Knives, Contact Lens, IOL Lens 

 - Ceramics and plastics   

 - Printing device: Roller molds

 - Military: Missile, Navigation

Mono Bite

koher mono.PNG
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