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Mono Diamond Inserts

Monocrystalline Diamond, also known as Synthetic Diamond, is used for various industries, in which requires high accuracy on at surface roughness tolerance is required. Mirror facing cutting on Alloy wheel rim, DC motors and small aluminum parts are common examples of applications.

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Natural Diamond Inserts

KOHER is providing you Natural diamond insert for super finishing of machining. 

We are currently supplying  inserts for contact lens cutting in the optical industry, as well as mold & pattern cutting in the LCD and mobile phone industry. 

Alloy wheel bite4.jpg

Special Order made tools

Please send us inquiry with your own design or drawing. 

CCGW  positive


DCGW  positive

VBGW  positive


Display mirror facing tool2.jpg

Display Mirror Facing tools

  • TV, Monitor

  • LGP with mono bite

  • Order made with special design

lense tool1.JPG

Ophthalmic Lens tools -  Natural Diamond Insert

  • R 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0

  • PCD Cutter with carbide shank

  • MEI Machine tool

contact lens tools.JPG

Contact Lens tools

  • Natural & Mono Diamond

  • RGP Lens, IOL and Mold machining

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